A tour of the farm includes an informative insight into farming and related activities. These include;
a. plantation activity i.e. from grafting a sapling in our nursery to planting the same
b. maintenance activity i.e. weed cutting, trimming of plants, spraying of pesticides, manuring etc. with best modern equipments

Visitors to Kokangabha are assured a good time, being in the lap of nature. Some of them enjoy spending their time in the farm itself, participating in the every day activities here.
  Kokangabha has a developed aqua farm of 12000 sq ft in which sweet water fish species like Rohu, Catla and Prawns are cultured
Visitors to Kokangabha are assured good time again in the vicinity of the pond trying their patience with the fishing hook.
Kokangabha has identified a area ( a huge ancient mango tree adjacent to river 'Beni') within its premises where vanbhojan activity could be enjoyed. For such activity Kokangabha provides chulha and earthen pots for people interested in trying their hands on cooking, else a cook can be arranged. At Kokangabha, located almost at a height of 400 feets from the sea coastline, it would be a memorable experience to enjoy the winter with Camp Fire.
vegetables vegetables
camp fire camp fire
bird bird At Kokangabha, which is 50 acres of developed farm and 55 acres of forest, it could be an unique experience to go for early morning walks in the forest for bird watching. The bird species are like,
- Peacock
- small blue kingfisher
- white fronted kingfisher
- Pied Kingfisher
- Drongo
- Red vented bulbul
- Brahminy Kite
- Hornbill
- Magpie Robin and many more
bird bird
  Swimming at a nearby seasonal river, which flows from June to March every year can be a pleasurable activity in addition to which kokangabha has its own swimming pool under construction
river play
jakhadi dance Jhakari: Traditionally this dance is presented in Konkan's Kunabi society to mark the arrival of Gauri soon after the Ganesh festival. In this art 8 to 10 boys actively dance in a circumference on melodious tune provided by their Ustad (teacher) and melodist who seats in the center during the presentation.
Khele / Naman: Local drama of Ratnagiri & Sindhudurga.
Bhajan / Kirtan
CAMPING ( For Large Groups )
camping Camping for school childern : To enable children get the feel of getting closer to nature, we organise camps offering a package of art, agriculture and adventure. The itenary for the camps could be designed as per the duration and season
cashew factory nanij math
RKPSSM Cashew Processing Unit (2 km) : Entire method of processing like drying, cutting, roasting and grading Mallikarjun Mandir ( 5 km) : Late Rani Laxmibai's maternal deity temple. Nanij Math (20 km) : Religious place with beautiful landscape gardens developed by disciples of Shri Narendra Maharaj
ganeshgule beach thibaw palace aquarium
Ganeshgule Beach (35 km) : Serene Beach Thibaw Palace ( 35 km) : A palace build by British for the house arrest of Burma King Thibaw and his family. Presently the palace is maintained by archaeological department and houses a museum. Aquarium at Ratnagiri ( 35 km) : MBRS in ratnagiri is maintaining a aquarium having some rare and beautiful specimens like Sea horse, Lion fish, Tiger fish, Sea-turtles, Eels, Sea cucumbers, Star fish, Lobsters, sea snakes and many more
ratnadurga birth place of lokmanya tilak swaroopanand math
Bhagawati Mandir, Ratnadurga Fort ( 35 km) : This fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from three sides. The fort is having a shape of Horse Shoe and a length approximately 1300 m and width 1000m. It has Bhagawati Temple inside Birth Place of Lokmanya Tilak in Ratnagiri ( 35 km ) : situated in the heart of Ratnagiri Swami Swaroopanand Math Pawas ( 30 km) : Religious place with swami swaroopanand samadhi and math
ganapatipule temple prachin kokan museum marleshwar temple
Ganapatipule Temple ( 60 km) : A renowned Ganesh Temple situated on beach Prachin Kokan Museum : ( 60 km) Prachin Kokan is a life size museum set in a sprawling three acre campus in Ganpatipule depicting life in yester years in Konkan. Marleshwar Temple : (100 km) Religious place. Shiv Temple with a backdrop of waterfalls
Also can make a one day tour to places like Kolhapur (110km) - Amba Ghat, Vishalgad, Pawankhind, Ambabai Temple, Rankala etc. and Sindhudurga (120km) - Kunakeshwar Temple, Vijaydurga Fort, Sindhudurga fort, Tarkarli etc.