Stay Facility
At KOKANGABHA we are stongly promoting lifestyle associated with nature and local entertainment programmes
Dormitories are bigger sized (300 sq ft each) rooms which can comfortably accomodate 10 beds at time.
Basic accommodation, rooms self contained and each can accommodate 15 people.
rooms rooms bathroom
Exterior Wall Warli Paintings Interior of Dormitories Bathrooms
angan rooms gallery
Play Area ( Angan) Wardrobes Terrace / Gallery
Similarly we have four self contained double bedrooms for small family. Each can accomodate 4 people
gallery rooms bathroom
4 Self Contained Bedrooms Interior Bathroom
gallery rooms scene
Terrace / Gallery Wardrobes View from the terrace
  Things to be noted
Mosquito coil is provided but we suggest that you carry extra repellents.
Please carry your bath linen
  All those visiting the Cashew Hills should be aware that they are visiting an agricultural farm where insects and animals are bound to be a part of the farm.
Basic first aid is available at the farm but it is advisable to carry any particular and Necessary medication along with you.
Please make sure that care for the natural beauty of the farm is kept in mind whilst your stay there