Organic Products

At Kokangabha we promote organic farming and all the produces therefore are stictly grown with conventional farming. Our main produce being cashew, we have cultivated a variety of fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices. These freshly cultivated products are for sale as per its seasonal availability.

Tender Cashews

Available from January to May

Tender Cashewnuts are widely used in the coastal area of Kokan and Goa. These cashews are used to make some traditional sweet receipes and vegetables (kajuchi usal). They can also be used in any recepie similar to frozen peas


Fresh harvest in December. Available throughout the year

Tirphal is used as a type spice used in indian mainly coastal cuisine. It is used in traditional fish curry, chutney. It also has medicinal use

Passion Fruit

Available from November to March

Passion Fruit juice (sherbat) has a unique flavour, colour and taste, The pulp is used for garnishing cakes, salads. It is a good souce of vitamin B and C


Available throughout the year

Totally organic and ripened on the plant itself, these papaya are really tasty and nutritious


Raiwal Mangoes

Available from April to June

Raiwal Mangoes are of different sizes and tastes. Though the skin remains green when ripe they are very sweet. In kokan juice from these mangoes is used to make a traditional curry known as 'Raita' and for making 'Ambapoli'


Available from April to June

Jackfruits are of two types 'Kapa' and Barka'. We have cultivated both varieties. Raw jackfuit is used for making vegetables and pakoras. 'Barka' jackfruit juice is used for making sweet puris and 'phanaspoli'


Available from April to June

Jamun is a seasonal tasty fruit. It has medicinal values. The pulp and the seed powder is used to treat diabetes. We have cultivated two types of Jamuns, 'Bardoli' and 'Khat'. The 'Bardoli' Jamuns are bigger in size while 'Khat' jamuns are smaller and have flavour similar to 'khus'


Available from April to June

Raw karvanda are used for making pickle, chutney etc. The ripe karvanda are used for making Jam, Jelly and sharbat. We have cultivated dense bushes of this fruit


Available from February to June

Ramphal has a creamy texture,slightly granular, smoother, butterier and has fewer seeds. They are high in vitamin C, a nutrient that boosts the immune system. It also has potassium, which helps the body regulate its electrolyte balance, enhance muscle growth.

Jaam (White Water Apple)

Available from February to June

The water apple is mainly consumed by children, the appeal being largely its thirst-relieving character. It is eaten as a fruit and also used to make pickles and spreads

Turmeric Powder

Available throughout the year

fresh harvest Around processed powder available throughout the year organic turmeric cultural & harvested.

Desi Cow Ghee

Available throughout the year